Menno Nijboer


My name is Menno Nijboer, and I'm currently a PhD student in the Cognitive Modeling group at the University of Groningen. On this admittedly sparse site you will find an overview of my research!

Research Interest

The research topic that I'm working on, together with my advisors Niels Taatgen and Hedderik van Rijn, is human multitasking behavior. I'm interested in the problems that can occur when doing two things at the same time. These problems are the result of so-called 'interference', which occurs when the activities you combine use the same physical or cognitive functions. As an extention to that, I'm investigating how good people are at adapting their behavior to minimize the harmful effects of interference. As multitasking has become an important part of daily life, a better understanding of 'good' and 'bad' multitasking, as well as how people deal with it, can improve both safety and productivity.